3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing (AM) is fundamentally different from traditional formative or subtractive manufacturing in that it is the closest to the ‘bottom up’ manufacturing where a structure can be built into its designed shape using a ‘layer-by-layer’ approach rather than casting or forming by technologies such as forging or machining. AM is versatile, flexible, highly customisable and, as such, can suite most sectors of industrial production. Materials to make these parts/objects can be of a widely varying type. These include metallic, ceramic and polymeric materials along with combinations in the form of composites, hybrid, or functionally graded materials (FGMs).  We provide state of the art additive manufacturing solutions for manufacturing and  R&D from around the world.

Direct Energy Deposition (DED)

DED based Laser Cladding

    Huffman/Optomec, USA

Wire Arc Metal Additive Manufacturing

    Gefertec GmbH

Aerosol Jet For 3D Printed Electronics

    Optomec, Inc., USA

SLM (Powder Bed) Metal 3D Printer


Metal Powder Production

    3D LAB sp. z o.o., Poland