About Us


Tesscorn was founded in 1993. The company has built its reputation as a leading supplier of top quality instrumentation for institutions in the Semiconductor, Solar and Nanotechnology manufacturing and research sectors. Over the years we have developed a network of suppliers, all leaders in their fields, providing unique manufacturing and research technologies across a broad spectrum of Semiconductor, Solar and Nanotechnology related applications. Our long-time and well established presence in these fields makes us a reliable technology partner and consultant. We pride ourselves on the valuable relationships we have developed with our research and industrial customers over many years.


We offer Semiconductor Instrumentation and manufacturing process technologies for the entire process from wafer to packaging of Semiconductor devices. We have built a network of suppliers, leaders in their fields, all providing unique technologies for a broad spectrum of applications in Front End, Back End, Test and Packaging.  As devices are getting smaller and more integrated, there is an ever-increasing requirement for Fabs to have high precession and reliable instrumentation.  We at Tesscorn source and support the finest technology available in the world for deposition, removal, patterning, and modification of electrical properties in semiconductor devise fabrication.

At Tesscorn, we source and support instrumentation and manufacturing technologiesto transform solar energy to clean, efficient and secure energy. Advances in technology and increased manufacturing scale will reduce costs, increase reliability, and make photovoltaic installations more efficient, we have built a network of suppliers, leaders in their fields, all providing unique research and manufacturing technologies for a broad spectrum of PV applications including Polysilicon production, Ingot & Wafer manufacturing, cell manufacturing and module manufacturing.

Printable/Flexible electronics is emerging technology offering completely new product concepts where electronic devices can be bent, rolled, or folded without losing functionality.   Flexible electronics devices have enormous potential in various applications such as sensors, medical devices, smart textiles, defense, stretchable electronics etc.  We have built a network of suppliers, leaders in their fields, all providing unique roll to roll technologies for a broad spectrum of manufacturing techniques.