Electronics Assembly & Packaging

We offer “best in class” products for electronics and semiconductor device assembly and packaging equipment from world leading manufacturers, some of the products we offer Auto/manual mold, Laser Mark, Trim, Form & Singulation, 3D Vision Inspection tool, Laser Ablation, Sawing Placement, Laser Cutting/Form Grinding, Pick and Place, Wafer Ball Mount, Automatic Dicing SAW, Laser SAW, Die Separator, Grinder, Polisher & Surface Planer, Wire Bonder, Flip-Chip Bonder, Die Attach etc.

Dicing and Grinding

Interconnect technologies: Bonding Tools

    Kulicke & Soffa, Singapore

Industrial Metrology

    Carl Zeiss


    Four Dimensions Inc.

Wafer Level Bonder

    EV Group, Austria

Wafer Cleaning Systems

    EV Group, Austria

Inspection Tools

    EV Group, Austria